17 June 2024

SGX is currently trading 100 points up a sharp decline of 40 points in last 30 mins

SGX Nifty on March 26th

Important levels based on chart

Nifty Levels

Nifty Chart

16900/920 is support zone for markets and 16994 and 17044 is resistance

Bank Nifty Levels

Bank Nifty Chart March 26th

Bank Nifty support at 39280-300 zone and Resistance at 39760/80 zone. If market has to go up the rally will be lead by Bank Nifty

Nifty Bank Nifty levels based on OI (Open Interest)

Nifty OI

Nifty Resistance at 17000 with 12 lakh CE writers followed by 25 lakh CE writers at 17100 and support at 16800 which has 12 lakh PE writers followed by 16900 which has approximately 10 lakh PE writers. Max Pain at 17000

Bank Nifty OI

BN has heavy CE writing at 39500 which will act as resistance and support at 39000

After a long time the Nifty and BN futures are trading at discount which means future prices are lower than spot price.

FII Data

FII data

The retails are mildly bullish but FIIs and PROs are bearish with FIIs holding around 4.59 lakh naked PE and Pros are holding 2.5 lakh CE short. The FII indicates the markets could be sell on rise.

Global News

Important Global News

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