15 June 2024

Nasdaq closed 1.7% up on Friday and Dow also closed nearly 1% up on Friday but early morning cues are not very positive in Nasdaq while Indian markets opening near resistance with FINNIFTY expiry today. Lets decipher the data for today

SGX Nifty

SGX Nifty indicating a mild positive opening if we open near 17400-420 it is a resistance zone and we may see some fall till Fridays closing around 17360.

Nifty and Bank Nifty levels based on chart

Nifty Chart

Nifty Resistance at 17420 Support at 17360

Bank Nifty resistance at 40680 support at 40220-40 zone

Nifty Bank Nifty Finnifty levels based on OI

Nifty has support at 17300 and resistance at 17400 based on OI

Bank Nifty has support at 40500 and resistance at 41000 based on OI

FINNIFTY has support at 18000 while resistance at 18200

FII data Analysis

Retails have carried bearish positions which they may be forced to close in early trade and post that some fall in second half if US markets continue to fall. Not related much but Crypto is seeing some fall

Stocks in Action

Happy Trading !!!

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